Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Steering Group Meeting Minutes

Many thanks to all who attended the recent steering group meeting. People were very positive of going forward with the project and of gathering more support and awareness. Minutes of the recent meeting are attached here:

We decided on trying to clarify the vision, and from this to gauge the interest in this, or establish a beneficial and feasible use for the space. As a result of the 'Bridgend Farmhouse Steering Group' meeting and open public meeting, we would like to suggest the following proposal for the potential renovation and community use of Bridgend Farmhouse:

Bridgend Environmental Education Resource Centre

After discussing the options expressed at the public meeting, and considering this in light of the services offered in the Craigmillar and Liberton area, and the work that could be developed, it was suggested that the vision for the farmhouse was as an centre for environmental education which could incorporate:

Outdoor play and engagement
Conservation and Horticultural Training
Training in and the development of renewable technologies
A community kitchen and drop-in resource room
The hosting of different courses in rural based arts and crafts

The farmhouse could be utilised by a variety of environmentally based organisations for these purposes - some on a long term lease, some as temporary or one off rentals for outreach or courses. The downstairs could potentially house a community kitchen for cookery courses, and a large workshop space for development of the training mentioned above. The long corridor imbetween could also be used as a storage space for equipment, boots, kit, drying rack, etc. Upstairs there are 3 large rooms that could be used for a variety of means. We would be looking for 3 (or less) organisation to be based there to be renting the room and harnessing the potential of the farmhouse as a base for their activities and programs. The name and exact focus is not definitive but just acts as a guide for the time being.

There could be the potential then for the use of the garden and the development of out houses as a classroom, workshop space or further storage unit, but this would be considered a phase 2 proposal.

To get to this point we would need to form a 'Bridgend Farmhouse steering group' with a community based membership and directorship. From this we would look to raise awareness and support for the renovation and use of the farmhouse, and start to put together a design and function for the space that would best serve the needs and wants of the local community, and also act as a sustainable business plan, to then apply to 'Growing Community Assets' grant funding for the purchase and renovation of the farmhouse itself.

The current steering group will be meeting again on Monday September 27th. For this we will be looking to apply for funding to develop this program of awareness and of establishing the best use and function for the space for people who would use it. We will be looking to put a program of events together as support for the renovation and for the initiating of environmentally based education around the site.

Before this meeting we would like to gather the responses we can in this regards:
1. As an organisation, or individual, what would you potentially like to use the site for if it was to be renovated, and if you might be particularly interested in renting or leasing rooms or space.
2. Would you like to become a member of our group or attend the next steering group meeting?
3. Would you be interested or able to assist with a program of events based around the farmhouse focused around environmental awareness and education.

With this information we can discuss things further at the next meeting and put some of this into action, and start to put together a feasible and appropriate plan or design for the farmhouse and its possible renovation.

If you would like to be involved in anyway, or have any ideas of future involvement please email:

Friday, 20 August 2010

Monday, 9 August 2010

Steering Group Meeting - 17th August

Next Tuesday night we will be having an open steering group meeting to follow up on the open public meeting from before, and to discuss the potential feasibility of a renovation project, what the best and most desired function would be for people who would use it, and what group could take this forward.

If you are interested and able to attend please RSVP to bridgendfarmhse@gmail.com for more details.