Saturday, 20 July 2013

How would you want to use the farmhouse?

Dear BIG members, friends, partners and affiliated groups,

A lot has been happening since our last blogpost. The committee have been busied with getting things together and in motion for our feasibility study. So to let you know where we are at:

After looking at various consultants (individual and organisations), we interviewed three and then finally appointed Sandra Macaskill (of Caskieco) to carry out our Options Appraisal with us. We have also appointed Malcolm Fraser Architects, Elliot & Company and David Adams Group to simultaneously carry out more structural and architectural feasibility work on the building itself.

Work has begun by all parties and all important meetings, details and legal issues have been considered. We are pleased with progress so far on this work and things are moving forward positively. 

We are also very excited about working with two different students from the University of Edinburgh. 
Hannelore Christiaens is writing her Masters thesis this summer on sustainable 
renovation, and doing research into the farmhouse as a case-study as part of this. 
Then, from September to December we will be joined by Darla Eno, a 4th year architectural history student, who will be on placement with us, looking at community engagement in design and development.

The committee have also been on a study visit to Lambhill Stables in Glagsow to look at 
a similar project to ours which gave us some great ideas and inspiration for the farmhouse renovation. 

The feasibility study we are carrying out involves two stages. 
1. An options appraisal researching three possible options for development and consulted 
groups and individuals on these to find the most appropriate. This will last until September. 
2. A detailed feasibility study, including business plan and financial feasibility, into one of 
these options. This will be carried out between September and December, presented at the 
next AGM.

At the moment then we are carrying out a community consultation into options for use and 
development of the farmhouse. We have a short questionnaire that we are asking all interested
groups and organisations and potential users of the farmhouse to fill out. This is really
 important in influencing the final choice over use and development, so please do take just a 
few minutes to fill this out, and to alert others to it.

The link to the questionnaire is here:

We will be presenting the outcomes of this community consultation at an event on Saturday 7th September 2-4pm at Bridgend Allotments. There will also be storytelling sessions for kids (so bring the family) and refreshments for all on the day.

As always, if you are interested in getting more involved, helping out, 
or have any ideas for the building, this project, or for support and funding, 
please do get contact us on

Please help influence the farmhouse development and have your 
say on what you would like to see happen in and around the building 
by filling in the questionnaire above, and attending the presentation event.

Hope you're all enjoying the great sunshine and Mediterranean heat!

BIG Trustees