Next Training (open to all, but only 15 places available):
A training in Place-Based Outdoor learning to work towards positive action in Bridgend.

Experience place-based educator and Sam Harrison from Open Ground will facilitate this days training session in and around Bridgend and Craigmillar Castle Park.

Sunday June 26th


(Meet at the entrance to Craigmillar Castle Park by Bridgend Farmhouse)

For more information or to reserve a place see this poster on contact
Next Training (open to all) will be in:
'Governance and Structure and Social Return On Investment'
April 19th 6.30-8.30pm Cameron House Community Centre

We are delighted to be able to receive expert advice in this area which will hopefully help us in developing the right structures and organisation to take the group forward and formalise ourselves further.
From this we will look to form the appropriate legal and organisational structure for Bridgend Inspiring Growth. There will be no charge and refreshments will be provided. Please contact us at if you would like to attend.

The renovation and re-development of Bridgend Farmhouse acts as a central focus to create opportunities for a growing community that can have control and responsibility over local assets, and develop training, education and job possibilities that are relevant to people in this area.

The intention is that the farmhouse, and the group, with a wider looking objective, would be run and directed and organised by local voluntary representatives. To help support and nurture this we hope to have a series of different group and personal training opportunities for anyone interested and keen to help on the committee and board so the group can develop together and feel more confident and empowered as a committee and in working for the benefit of the community.

We will be developing a series of training workshops and classes for those interested in being on a core steering group or committee.

Anyone is welcome to join and we would really encourage you to get involved if you would like to, and would hope we can support this in whatever ways necessary.

Any training events that are planned will be put up here for people to sign up to if they would like