Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Moving onwards with great strides....

Hello all,

We would like to inform you all about some very good news. We have been awarded £11'000! This is from the Big Lottery Investing In Ideas funding and the Royal Institute of Architects Scotland.

This is to carry out an options appraisal, feasibility study and develop a business plan for the developments of Bridgend Farmhouse over the next 8 months or so. We have ensured that built into this is community events and opportunities along the way for the progress of this to be presented to all interested in commenting and taking part in shaping the study and final report. News of these will follow as we work them out.

We would like to invite you to our upcoming meetings, which will be to update on recent support we have been receiving from Just Enterprise and shape the last parts of that, and also to meet with consultants to decide how we will spend this grant funding we have just received. If you would like to attend either of the meetings below please let us know.

  • Monday April 29th 6-8pm, Bridgend Allotments Portcabin
  • Thursday May 9th 6-8.30pm, Bridgend Allotments Portcabin.
Attached is the minutes from our last meeting in March here.

Thank you for all for your continued support, in many ways, and we hope that this great addition of funding and professional expertise will move us significantly forward to realising all our dream for the farmhouse,