Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Bid, community share issue, new film, community development worker and more...

Dear members, friends, colleagues

On February 6th 11.25am we submitted our bid for Bridgend Farmhouse to the City of Edinburgh Council. 

We have been working together on this for over three years now, and are very proud of all the incredible effort that has been put in to get us to this stage. We presented the bid at our AGM on Sunday 2nd February and all were pleased and impressed by it and the hoards of supporting evidence – we had to go and get an additional large envelope to put everything in. Thankyou to everyone who has contributed and helped towards this.

The next couple of months are crucial however and we need your continued support.

We are looking to establish ourselves as community benefit society and have a community share issue to own the farmhouse. Please see this link for more info about what a community benefit society is. If you would be willing and interested to give any amount (between £25 and £20'000) to become a co-owner of the farmhouse please download and return this form asap. This would help significantly towards the acquisition of the farmhouse and future community development around it. If you are interested in a large investment please get in touch.

We have also produced our second film. It documents a range of participatory design workshops carried out over the last few months. Check it out here:

After being awarded two grants we are currently recruiting a part-time community development project worker for 6 months. This will be to develop and pilot activities that could happen in and around the farmhouse, and further engage people in the design of potential services there. More information available here. If you are interested in applying, or know anyone that might be please get in contact and we can send out the application form

Minutes of our most recent AGM (Sunday 2nd Feb) can be viewed here

Our next meeting is on Friday 28th February 5.30pm. If you would like to attend please let us know.

And, Bridgend Potato Day on Sunday 23rd 11-2pm. Come along!

Please, spread the word, get involved, show your support, and become a co-owner of the farmhouse too. More information and a petition on our website too:

We look forward to seeing you soon

BIG Committee