Friday, 11 January 2013

Onwards and upwards into 2013....

Dear members, friends and affiliates,

Happy 2013 to you all! We hope the season of hibernation brought you some good rest and you feel invigorated and full of hope for the new year. We certainly do with the farmhouse renovation project, and things are starting to build and look positive at the moment.

We had a successful AGM in december, and would like to welcome on to the committee: Jamie Ross, Steven Hendry, Chris Macefield and Iain Chantler who will join John Knox, Anna Danby and Will Golding as the full members of the current committee. 

Plans have been put in motion for this year, and all minutes from the AGM are available here

Our first meeting of the year to check the progress of these things and put more into action is:
Sunday 27th January, 2-3.30pm at Bridgend Barn, Bridgend Allotments, EH164TE.

This is open to everyone, so we would love to see some of you down there. If you can't make it but want to feed something in beforehand just send it over to us or call on 07949230245.

We are looking forward to making great strides this year towards the renovation and to seeing some of you soon.

From, all of the committee