Wednesday, 28 May 2014

We did it!

Everyone....we did it! We really did. After four years now, an incredible amount of time, effort, passion, commitment and wide support and help, it has finally paid off. 

On April 29th, the councillors at City of Edinburgh Council Economy Committee overturned the previous recommendation and voted unanimously to lease Bridgend Farmhouse to BIG for 12 months, and agreed to sell the farmhouse to BIG after that period, on confirmation of BIG Lottery Growing Community Assets Stage 2 funding.

It is a brilliant journey we have gone through. It was so inspiring to see the support in the weeks leading up to the meeting from everyone that signed the petition, sent encouraging messages and emails, and those who turned up to the meeting. It is because of the collective energy and work of so many people that this was possible.

Sorry for the wait in officially sharing the news but we were delayed because of the need for it to be ratified by another committee and the Director of Services for Communities.

This kind of thing has been so far uncommon within City of Edinburgh council, and in that regards, is a major milestone and encouraging sign of support from other similar community projects and initiatives. We are very grateful for the Council's support in making this happen.

Now the work really begins as we move on to our final development stage with funding from the BIG Lottery. There will now be lots of work on designs, business plans, further consultation and planning use and programmes for the building. Also, remedial work may be able to start on the site.

Now is a time to get more involved as a volunteer, committee member or general member if you would like. You could also still submit expressions of interest if you would like to co-own the farmhouse. For any of these just get in contact through our email here.

Please spread the word, and if you know anyone who would like to join this mailing list or BIG please pass on this message and our details.

A poster is attached here to help share the news. Please could you print and display if you are able.

We will be in contact in the near future with details of what will be happening next, for now, congratulations and thanks to everyone.

BIG committee.