Thursday, 28 November 2013

BIG Plans and Winter Event 2013

After nearly 9 months of detailed and dedicated hardwork we now have a completed feasibility study, business plan, architectural drawings and plan of use for Bridgend Farmhouse. This is an enormous and significant step for us, and we really are grateful to everyone that contributed..

Over that time we have had lots of really encouraging discussions with local residents, organisations and community members about the future of the farmhouse. We really value all this input and enthusiasm. 

The farmhouse is now up on the open market. We need as much support as possible to prove that this is a worthwhile project supported by many people. 

It would be fantastic if you can make it to the event this Sunday (1st December) 12-3pm so you can get involved, hear more about what's been going on and share your thoughts and ideas. There will be free refreshments, cover from rain if it happens, and activities for young kids.
We also have a couple of films almost complete on the project, and are carrying out participatory design workshops with local schools and community groups. Most of these will be presented and open for comments on Sunday. After then these will all be available for people to view if you would like to request a copy.
For those that like facebook, here is a page with the info

Please do join and share this with your friends, neighbours, family and colleagues! Also please distribute and display the poster below where possible.

Feel free to get in contact with any queries.  We really hope to see you Sunday or soon

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