Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Meeting Minutes and Next Meetup

Below is a link to the minutes from the most recent steering group meeting following on from the Stakeholders Event.


One of the things that was identified as needing help with especially was the developing of funding applications and fundraising.

We also now need formal letters from partner groups and interested organisations in regards to how they could best see the building used to enhance or extend their services and what they would use it for to develop opporuntities for people in the area. Please write to us if you can help or contribute towards this at all.

There will be an informal meeting after Potato Day this Sunday (20th) from around 2.30pm. If you nwould like to attend please let us know. The next steering group meeting is yet to be arranged but will be a weekday evening in early march, soon to be confirmed.

Bridgend Potato Day! - 20th Sunday 2011

This coming Sunday 20th Bridgend Allotments and Health Project will be hosting their annual potato day at Bridgend Allotment Site between 11am and 2 pm.There will be:
  • Many varieties of seed potatoes will be on sale: a great chance for all keen gardeners to stock up for the new season. The full list is below.
  • Talks and tips on growing and cooking.
  • Refreshments and entertainment.
  • Entry is free and light refreshments will be available.
  • You can also find out more about the allotments at Bridgend and the work of the Health Project, as well as information on the farmhouse and the Bridgend Inspiring Growth
Do come along to learn about all the different varieties of potatoes you can get that aren't just Kind Edwards, and to get yourself some seed potatoes for the new planting season.

Presentations on the farmhouse

We have just posted up some of the powerpoint presentations from the Stakeholders Event. Please check the presentations page at the top of the screen if you would like to view any of these.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Bridgend Farmhouse Stakeholders Event Report

Bridgend Inspiring Growth Farmhouse Renovation Project

Stakeholders Event

20th January 2010 at Inch Community Centre


A very well attended event with lots of enthusiasm, good ideas and suggestions. There was the opportunity to find out more information on the farmhouse, fill out questionnaires and membership forms and visit stalls of different local organisations before hearing from different speakers and then offering views through groupwork sessions and a final Q&A.

Stalls: Bridgend Inspiring Growth, Walk Edinburgh, Volunteer Scotland, Carr-Gomm Scotland, Craigmillar Woods Action Group, Teens Plus, Mountain Bike Action Project, Countryside Ranger Service

Attendees: Over 60 in total – including representatives from Bridgend Residents Commitee, Bridgend Allotment Community Health Inclusion Project, EVOC, Community Learning and Development, Community Renewal, Craigmillar Ability Network, Edinburgh Community Food and Health, Inch Park Community Sports Centre, Active Schools, Princes Trust, ELGT, Climate Challenge Fund, University of Edinburgh, Forth Sector, Black Diamond FM, Transition Town Edinburgh University, FirstPort, Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society, Councillor Buchanan, Councillor Snowden, as well as the organisations above and the presenters.

Presentations: A summary of the 8 presentations is available by email at the presentations page on this blog.

Groupwork: After the main presentations, the meeting broke away into four groups to discuss various aspects of the BIG project: restoring the farmhouse, health and well-being projects, outdoor education and training, and community involvement. Their suggestions were written down and are available via this link:


Q&A: Several good points made: the need to get schools and young people involved, the importance of using the whole of Craigmilar Castle Park as a resource, remembering the history of the park, castle and farmhouse and the need for a simple, clear aims and structure for the project.

Conclusion and next moves:

  • A meeting of the steering committee on Monday 7th February at 6.30 in the Inch Community Centre...to which all interested individuals and organisations are invited.

  • The planning of the next community involvement events.

  • The drafting of a business plan.

  • Submission of grant applications to the National Lottery Fund, the Climate Change Fund and a some environmental and training funds.

We would like to emphasise that is an voluntary community project open to all and would welcome any ideas, suggestions, help, comments and further feedback. It is only through the dedication, time, passion and energy of all involved that this can possibly happen. Please get in contact at:

bridgendfarmhse@gmail.com or on 07949230245.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Bridgend Sustainable Build and Construction Drop-in programme

Since the recent Bridgend Farmhouse Stakeholders Event we have began the process of following up some of the ideas expressed and are considering the possibility of establishing a weekly drop-in session in sustainable construction and product building at Bridgend. We are trying to conduct some research here to see if it would be used and whether this would help to address some of the things addressed at the event. If you have any time please fill out this brief questionnaire, and send on to others if you think it is relevant to them.

Click here to take survey