Thursday, 22 December 2011

Thinking BIG - Where next for the farmhouse renovation in 2012...

Hello all,

We wish you all goodwill, warmth and fun times over this winter break.

There are a few things to catch up on and also a few notes of what will be happening with the farmhouse renovation project in the New Year.

1. On December 3rd 6 of us went to visit Moffat CAN ( Everyone seemed to have a really good afternoon and we were treated to a wonderful tour and history of a very inspiring project that has grown from a local recycling scheme to a very impressive renewables and allotments project and building restoration. We are very thankful to Alis, her son, Katrina and some of the local gardeners for their kindness and time. Pictures can be found on the Gallery tab of this blog.

2. We have had 2 meetings in the last month. They have began the plans for the local history and storytelling project that we will be carrying out in Spring 2012. We will be working to engage both younger folk at school and older people in the area in residential setting so limited in now accessing the farmhouse. We have some amazing storytellers and storygatherers involved so far. There is a great deal of historical research being carried out locally through the Greater liberton Heritage Project currently, particularly to do with the old chapel that is on the site of the farmhouse. The results look to be very revealing and interesting. If you would be interested in getting involved in anyway please get in touch.

3. In the New Year we will be be running a workshop with DTAS Community Ownership Support Service to design our next action plans based on the consultation and discussion done locally so far. This will help us in filling out funding applications and taking the project forward. Details still TBC. Any interest please contact us.

4. We will be looking to go on a second study visit to Lambhill Stables in Glasgow. If you could help to organise this or would like to come please let us know.

5. Finally, we aim to begin carrying out a Social Return on investment on the potential prospects of the farmhouse renovation. Any help in compiling local research for this would be very useful.

6. We would like to thank all at Daisy's Diner for their fine hospitality and kindness in hosting our meetings over the past month.

In terms of the situation with the farmhouse we are still trying to build capacity and filling out funding applications to continue trying to save the farmhouse from further degradation. This is essential and any help in this regard would be absolutely vital to the possibility of this happening. Please assist with this if you can.

In terms of planning:
  • please look at the Edinburgh Local Development Plans for 2012. They include a variety of pieces of greenbelt land being removed as greenbelt. This may or may not directly affect the farmhouse property, but certainly does other greenspace land in the city. Please visit the website to add your views and comments before plans are finalised from January 27th.
  • Currently the farmhouse is under the governance of Fields in Trust as Greenbelt protected land. if it was to lost this status it would be under sole governance of Edinburgh City council and thus could be disposed of with their consent and without needing fields in Trust. For more info on Fields in Trust to consider these implications follow this link
  • Also, please be aware of planning application currently in for a huge development up the road: Follow the link and click on the top search for more info. Comments are welcome at this stage. Please consider possible impacts on this development on the area and of course the farmhouse.

Lastly then. We will continue to work towards the farmhouse renovation and to continue trying to broaden our engagement and work within Bridgend, The Inch, Liberton and the wider communities. We will keep on trying but without extra support and help we may not be able to continue. if you are able to support the project in anyway please come forward in the New Year. It really could make all the difference.

Have a wonderful winter and new year and see you in 2012!

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